Invoice with VAT which is greater than 20%

I have an invoice to process which is for a windscreen replacement, so the VAT is higher than it would normally be.

The net is £104.16
VAT @ 20% is £40.75
total £144.91

How would you enter this please to claim the full VAT amount?

You’d have to enter the full amount at 20% VAT from which the £40.75 is calculated, then add a second negative line to the invoice at “no vat” to reduce the net, e.g.

  • £203.75 @ 20% “Windscreen replacement”
  • -99.59 @ 0% “less contribution from insurance”

When it comes to your VAT return I have been advised by HRMC to add the insurance contribution to box 7, as it’s an expense you’ve incurred even though the insurance paid it on your behalf.

(Well actually, I queried this with them by email, got no response for ages so I phoned the helpline. The person on the phone told me not to add anything to box 7, but the email reply arrived a couple of days later saying I should, and I’ve gone with what they told me in writing rather than verbally so I can back it up if I’m ever inspected)

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