InvoiceDescription not setting email subject

This is probably the most visible impression a customer will see of their invoices sent from QF - the subject field in the email.

I wanted to set a custom description of the invoice in the sent email subject field so the recipient would better recognise the email and be able to lookup the invoice using the normal email filtering to find it.

This facility is not included in the Invoice_Send Schema so I resorted to the Invoice_Create Schema

API 1.2
Invoice_Create Schema
“<InvoiceDescription>Your Phone Bill to ‘.$cdr_dates.’</InvoiceDescription>”

However, this field is only as the invoice description if the recipient is another QF account. So its a bit limiting as only 2 of my customer are QF accounts.

I would suggest adding a field to the Invoice_Send Schema to set the subject - unless I have overlooked a setting somewhere else ?

PS: Great API !

Hi @Howard

Thanks for your positive words about the API - glad it’s working well for you :slight_smile:

I believe the field that’s being set here is called InvoiceName on the UI, which by default is the first line of the invoice but can be edited (if you change the settings on the account). However, not relevant for the API, but bear with me!

You can edit the email template (Account Settings >> Routine Emails), and use the @InvoiceName@ token which will be translated to the InvoiceDescription.

So, this:

Becomes this:

That should work, but let me know how it goes.

Ah-ha, very interesting. Will try it now, thanks Matt

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Well it does work but its not as beneficial as a subject field in the email schema

With the template method the emboldened words are fixed and the italicized are programmed

New Invoice Created - Your Phone Bill to 2020-03-31

If the InvoiceName field is not programmed you get the first line of the invoice - which could be anything and requires the composer of the invoice to be constantly vigilant that the first line will be seen as the subject in the email. So if the first line gets modified or the first line is somewhat irrelevant the to purpose of the invoice it can easily result in a bad or missinfomed email being sent to the customer.

With a field in the Invoice_Send Schema to total replace the default email subject, the message will be consistant for the programmed invoice and the default setting for routine emails would not require the composer to be so vigilant.

What are your views ?

I think for now it is better that I do not program the subject field and just leave the subject simply as New Invoice Created

This way I don’t need to be concerned about the first line of the invoice.

Purhaps your designers could review this.

There’s no way at present to modify the email subject through the API, although you’re welcome to open a #feature request for this if you wish.

The invoice name is fixed at the time of the invoice creation, so editing the first line won’t change it. However, you can enable an additional field (-Company Settings >> Advanced Features), so this will appear on it’s own when editing the invoice.

If all your invoices are created through the API however, you could add some validation to ensure this field isn’t left blank before creating it.

Hope that helps?