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Invoices and inventory


hi this is really a question of 2 bits. firstly is there a way of adding an invoice with out it adding to my debtors and also i cant seem to workout how to import my inventory list using a csv. can you help me with this


Second question I must leave for somebody else

First question, it isn’t clear what you are trying to achieve.
If you missed something off the invoice but the client paid you anyway then you would add it and then pay it but that wouldn’t stop it going through all the appropriate journals. You can’t make it skip a couple of entries if you are trying to keep your account classified as “small”.

If you sent the client something that they don’t have to pay for and want to include it then just set its unit value to zero.

The only other scenarios that I can imagine involve the client owning you more money and so should increase debtors.


basically my customer sales are done on my till but i have some credit customers that pay monthly but the sales are done at point of taking the goods and i invoice monthly when they take the items the sale is recorded on my till so if i was to raise an invoice it means as it stands that the sales are recorded twice so i need to raise the invoice without it adding to my sales


Hi @Howard_Bevis

You can find the details required for a CSV import for the inventory in this thread: Importing Inventory items - columns

This can then be imported by going to Account Settings >> Import Data >> Import sales items/tasks


At the end of the day are you just putting everything through as “cash” and have no record in QF of what the customers owe or do you put the credit sales through the customer account without sending the individual invoice?


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