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Don’t know if anybody can help but i’ve been getting a lot of customers saying they haven’t received my invoiced email or its went to junk mail via quickfile. I’ve been using Quickfile for nearly 4 years now and wouldn’t feel comfortable starting a new software when sending invoices does anybody have a solution?

Hi SmartSecurity,
Do you use quickfile settings or your own SMTP Email Settings in quickfile? If not may this article is helpful

This is becoming a serious problem as a lot of spam takes much the same format as a legit invoicing email.

  1. As suggested use your own SMTP if you don’t already
  2. Consider using @DirectInvoiceURL@ instead of @DirectInvoiceLink@The user has to copy and paste the link rather than clicking on it and it isn’t perfect. I have tested these and some still go to spam
    3 Don’t use the word invoice in the message title. This used to be a real killer, I don’t know if it still is but it made a difference before using QF.
  3. For really bad customers try sending invoices as attachements instead. This used to be the big killer and was what drove me to using QF rather than creating and mailing invoices in house but is worth testing selectively.
  4. If all else fails Royal Mail are generally quite reliable and it may be worth 70p or so to save the hassle on some invoices.

Do monitor new customers to see if they open emails. Chase promptly if they don’t before spam folders have been cleared down.

Other issues:

  1. Accounts clerks misinterpret emails as spam and don’t open them.
  2. Make sure that you are sending to the most appropriate person. Invoices might not be forwarded to accounts by the recipient.
    Spam will always be blamed whatever the real reason
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