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Invoices not available for Tagging


We have imported invoices, which are visible when looking at the Sales tab, but are not available to Tag to our Bank transactions when we want to tab multiple invoices. This is something that we are usually able to do without issue. We have checked;

  1. They have been sent
  2. They are the same currency £
  3. They are within 6 months, and the default has been changed
  4. Nothing has been previously allocated to the invoice and it is unpaid in the Invoice list

Please help!

Hi @AmazingHomecare

Just to confirm - are you tagging 1 payment to multiple invoices?

If so, are all the invoices for the same client?


Yes, there are multiple invoices and all for the same client.

Hi, is there a difference in the date for the payment and the date for the imported invoices? If so, is it a big difference?
In your account settings you can choose in what date frame they shall look for invoices/transactions. I think the default is 1 month. May you have to extend this to match your invoice/payments circumstances.
That the only thing I can think of but I am not sure is it helpful for you.

Thanks for the suggestion. We have changed so the invoice should be looking at the last 6 months of invoices.

It seems to be the newer invoices that were imported that are not showing… but one that I manually entered with the same date is.

do all uploaded invoices not work or just a few?

Can you maybe upload a screenshot from one of those invoices (remember to blackout all sensitive data)?

Hi, I’m not sure what you need. The invoices were imported from a csv file, as we always do. We load the required fields only; invoice number, client name, description, etc. We mark as sent while importing. It’s the same process that we have been doing for quite a while, and it usually works. I’m wondering if there is a bug?

Hi @AmazingHomecare,

I will send you a private message to get some more details from you so that we can look into this for you

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