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Invoices not loading

Although I can see sales, when I click on purchases or outstanding purchases, it just says loading. this also happened yesterday.
I saw a related post that said click control and f5 - tried that, nothing happened.

Hi @julies,

As far as we are aware there are no issues - and we have not had anyone else report it as an issue.

Have you tried clearing your browser history and/or tried accessing your quickfile account using a different browser?

I’m having the same issue using ie on Win7. If I log in using chrome (or safari on a mac) it works as normal so must be browser related.

I’m having the same issues as Julies! Although I can see sales, when I click on purchases or outstanding purchases, it just says loading. this also happened yesterday.

This happened to me yesterday and issue still not resolved. Panicking as don’t want to see all that work lost!

In most cases, clearing the cache or using a different browser will fix this. Please rest assured, no data has been lost.

Hi, I’ve changed my browser and it’s all come back, but I’ve now lost all the tabs I had saved on the old browser along with all passwords!

@susanf @Hil @AlanK2 @julies - We’ve forced a refresh on one of the files here which should hopefully help. Please can you try again now and let us know if this is all OK for you?

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Hi, no, still the same

Hi @susanf

What web browser and operating system are you using? For example, Firefox on Windows 10.

I was using normal google on windows 10, am now using google chrome on windows 10


I am also having this issue I am using internet explorer and I am just getting the loading invoices I have had this all day?

Hi have tried again but still not working on internet explorer on Windows 10. It does through Microsoft Edge - using Chrome I think and on my iPhone.

Hi @julies

Could you try clearing the cache on your browser please and see if that fixes it?

One thing that would be useful, is on Chrome (and other browsers), go to the purchases page, press F12 (This should open a developers console) and then reload the page.

Once that’s done, go back to the developers console and make sure the “console” tab is selected. What we’re looking for specifically is any messages in the Console tab.

You can send me a screenshot or copy any text here, or in a private message.

Nothing changed. Still coming up with, ‘loading invoices’.

@Hil - I’ll send you a private message now

Ditto the above since I renewed my subscription on May 19th, I have cleared cache but to no effect. I am using Internet Explorer and Windows 8.1.

Any resolutions from the company please?


This issue seems to be affecting a small number of issues - none of which are us, so it’s a bit tricky for us to see what’s going on here.

If you are able to submit any console data (using the instructions above), that would be a really great help.

Have logged in via laptop and invoices showing. However I like to use my Apple iPad as I can take photos of receipts and easily attach them to the invoices. I was having no problems doing so until yesterday.

Screen print Quickfile.pdf (327.6 KB)