Invoices not saving

Help please when I create a new invoice its stuck on ‘Saving invoice’ and never saves I can’t workout what the problem is.How can I fix this?

Are you able to post any information on the browser you’re using, screenshots, error message etc? We can then maybe deduced what the problem is.

Hi I can’t paste the screen shot here but I copy and pasted the info below:

Please check, the item line is incomplete.
New Invoice
Help Video Tutorial Video Tutorial
Client Name
No search results.
Invoice Number
Purchase Reference
Invoice Date Select Issue Date
Payable within days
Add a new invoice line


Item Description Unit Cost Qty Total
Move row Add Row
Choose sales category

Remove Row

Sub Total £ 1.00
Invoice Total £ 1.00
Paid to Date £ 0.00
BALANCE (GBP) £ 1.00

Additional Notes
Add additional comments here. These will be visible to your client.
Payment Terms
Set your terms of payment and any other comments you wish to appear on the foot of the invoice.
Save the above notes for future invoices?

I think this is the relevant part. Have you entered a description, amount and quantity for every line item?

You know what nothing is working on my accounts. None of the actions I make are updating. Can you check to confirm the account is activated?

Hi Glenn, so for the last three days I have been trying to get this account working but I am continually failing. Nothing works, and I’m not satisfied with the support on here. Can you fix my account so I can get my business going or not? There is obviously a bigger fault that needs your attention if I cant do anything with this software.

I’d love to help you but there’s not a lot of information to go on in your posts. Saying ‘Nothing is working on my accounts’ doesn’t really help us understand your problem. If nothing was working on the system we’d have a lot of people posting on here about it, but I can see several 1000 people a day logging in and using the system without a problem.

I have also created a test client on your account and produced a draft invoice for that client, without any issues.

If you can provide screenshots or at least provide a detailed explanation of the issue you are encountering I’m sure myself or another QF user would be able to guide you.

I’m also getting this error message when trying to input a recent purchase. It shows as being paid in full as I’ve logged the payment but the record won’t save.

There are items there with a zero total. You would need to enter a value here before the invoice will save. What you can do if you want to annotate these free items is add them on one line with their standard retail price then add a second line with an equal negative amount.

I’ll do that, thanks Glenn