Invoices printed aren't to scale and missing sections

I have recently modified the layout of my invoices, and now when I view them in Adobe to go and print them, they come out wrong on the printer. On the top left hand quarter is printing out very large (it fills the A4 sheet), and I’ve tried scaling it but this just makes it all smaller, it won’t actually print information outside of the top left hand corner. I’m sure this is my fault because I’ve been fiddling with the design and layout of my invoices!

I just had a quick look at account *******2693 and it appeared find on screen and in the PDF. Are you able paste in a screenshot?

Sounds like a printer/Adobe related issue. When you go to print, check the paper size and uncheck any scaling options.

It appears fine and normal on the PDF viewer in Adobe, it fills the A4 page like normal. I’ve checked the scaling options, they are the same and haven’t been altered, it’s still set at 100%, and it’s set to print on A4 like before. It’s literally just happened now I’ve finished modifying my invoice design, it’s always printed fine before, so makes me think it must be something I’ve done in the last hour!

I have put a picture for you to see what’s printed, it’s not overly clear, but you can see roughly what is coming out on a side of A4…

I can see the problem. The only 2 things this can be is if the PDF dimensions were wrong…which I highly doubt or some setting on your printer is ballooning this up. I also printed one of your invoices and it came out fine, which is why I doubt that it’s a problem with the PDF dimensions. Before you print are you able to get a “Print Preview”? If so does it appear like this?

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In print preview it also appears in this ballooned up way, and I could see on print preview it said 175%, so I have changed it to 100%…and it printed fine! Hooray, thank you! I won’t pester with anymore questions, I promise!

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