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Invoices when I don't receive all the client's details


Sometimes I receive commissions by email. When I want to make an invoice I ask the client for details like full name and address. I don’t always receive all these details. What info should I use when I make the invoice in cases like this. Thank you!


Hi @Vasile_Pascuta

Are you presented with any other information or documents which could be used to support the source of the income?


The scenario is about when I can have the name and the email, but not the address.


When creating a client, an address is optional. You can create a client with just a name.

However, I would just make sure that you have sufficient supporting evidence to show the origin of the funds (just in case there are any queries raised).


Also if you don’t have the full name a blank character is valid. In the arts sector I get a lot of orders signed only with Christian names.