InvoicesPaid vs. InvoicesPayment events

See the documentation here: Webhooks Schema

In that documentation, there is an InvoicesPaid event. There is no mention of an InvoicesPayment event.

Here is a webhook I received today:

  "PayLoad": {
    "InvoicesSent": [
        "TimeStamp": "2022-03-11T14:00:40",
        "Id": **redacted**,
        "InvoiceType": "INV"
    "InvoicesPayment": [
        "TimeStamp": "2022-03-11T14:00:55",
        "InvoiceId": **redacted**,
        "PaymentId": **redacted**,
        "AmountPaid": **redacted**,
        "CurrencyCode": "GBP"
    "Timestamp": "2022-03-11T14:00:56.6201921+00:00",
    "Signature": **redacted**,
    "Hookid": **redacted**

Notice there is an InvoicesPayment event. Where is this documented? Is it different from InvoicesPaid?


The webhook was triggered by our tagging an invoice as paid. Also the InvoicesPaid event mentions online payment methods. I’m guessing InvoicesPaid is sent when a payment is made “directly” online through Quickfile’s integrations with Stripe, etc., whereas InvoicesPayment is for when we tag an invoice with a payment that came into our bank account. In any case I would prefer to develop from documentation rather than guesswork.

Hi @MikeHopley

The InvoicesPayment is triggered when payment is lodged against an invoice, regardless of the method. This differs from InvoicesPaid which is where a client logs in and pays using “Pay Online”, which could be Stripe, GoCardless, PayPal, etc.

I’m not sure why this is missing from the documentation, but I have requested for this to be added.

Happy to help with any queries in the meantime.

Thanks Mathew! Sounds like I need to listen to the InvoicesPayment event in my case.

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