Invoicing but showing payment as a credit

Hi Guys,
Does anybody have an idea to help me with this scenario?

I run a building maintenance company.
I want to bill somebody for our scheduled services including a certain amount of credit for them to use on reactive things.

So for instance - I want to invoice £1500. £1000 of it is for known billable services but £500 is to show on their account as a credit for them to use for things that crop up randomly.

I think the customer will find it really handy to be able to see their ‘banked’ amount and how it depletes through use in the customer area.

Any help would be appreciated.

What you could do first is locate that incoming £1,500 on your bank account and tag the full amount as a payment on account. See demo below (this is for a supplier payment on account, but the same is possible with clients).

Once that’s done you will see the credit on your client detail screen.

Now this credit can be used to pay down any future invoices you may raise. So ideally you’d start with that £1,000 invoice for known services and leave the £500 remaining on account.

If you setup your client with an email contact, it will create a login on their control panel where they can see all invoices raised and any balance left from that £500.

Hope that helps!


Once the credit is on the client account, you can apply it to any invoice by first creating the invoice, clicking on the “Log a Payment” button then applying from credit (visible in the yellow bar).

Thanks Glenn - Just tried this.
Unless I’m misunderstanding you I’m not sure this fully works how I need it to.
In order to receive the money from my client I need to send them an invoice. They pay it and I try to allocate as you showed but I can’t split the amount? Plus it will leave the invoice as unpaid?

I suppose I could send them a pro-forma invoice (not on QF) for the ‘credit’ amount and do it this way.

My intentions are to do this each month so its not a one off thing I’m trying to achieve.

Is there a better way or have I misunderstood you?

You could invoice then for the £1000 and still assign £1500 to the invoice from the bank, the surplus £500 would end up on credit. As you say you could issue pro-formas (estimates) for any sundry items thereafter, convert those to invoices once accepted and pay from credit.

I will always need to invoice the actual amount I’m wanting to receive so I think you’ve helped me realise the proforma route is the way to go.

Never thought about using the estimates feature to do the proforma though so thats going to greatly help things to be consistent.

Thanks again Glenn. As always first class support.

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