Invoicing Buttons Don't Work in Vivaldi Browser

Hi all,
I’ve just migrated to Vivaldi browser on Mac, away from Chrome, as it’s based on Chromium, but it’s a lot less resource hungry, plus I like the feature set. So far its only flaw seems to be with the controls for modifying invoice items on QB.

Specifically, none of the controls for modifying the item listings do anything (the Add Item +, the Move Item ^v, etc). You can hover over them and the pointer changes, so they’re seen as interactive items, but they don’t actually change anything and the invoice total always shows 0.

It works fine in standard Chrome and if I have to open up a single instance to run my accounts I can live with it, but it feels like the kind of bug that is probably doing more than I can see and is worth reporting.

Thanks for your help,

This is QF though! :wink:

Hi @DMC_Squared,

This sounds more like a browser issue than a QuickFile issue. Have you tried opening opening QuickFile in a private browsing window? There could be some plug ins stopping the links from working correctly

Thanks Lurch! You’re absolutely right - I keep making that mistake, and my apologies to the QF community for my faux pas!!! Blame too many sponsored YT videos and podcasts!! :laughing:

Thanks QFBeth, you’re 100% spot-on, it was indeed a Chrome extension!

Through the old process of elimination I worked out it was one I was using for global Dark Mode. I’ve switched to an alternative extension and it’s absolutely fine now.

Cheers :smiley:

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