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Invoicing for Services (Per Calendar Month)


I am new to this forum. I am trying to raise an invoice for a cleaning service billed on a per calendar month basis. Here is a typical scenario to help illustrate what I am trying to do;

A Client hires 2 cleaners for 10 hours a week each at £13.00 an hour. We usually use the following calculation to work out how much to charge the client per calendar month - (20*13)*52/12) (total hours x rate per hour) x total number of weeks per year/ 12 calendar month

The problem I am experiencing is that there was no option for this on QuickFile. Is there a way around this? Can anyone please give me some pointers?

Thank you in advance


Hello @Charles_Alabi

Can I just double check what part of this you’re looking for assistance with?

Are looking for to raise the invoice to be issued monthly automatically, or is it more of the calculation you’re looking for help with?

Thanks, Matthew for your response. I am looking for help with the getting the Net Total to reflect the per calendar month sum:

At the month the system workings are:
20*£13*4 = £1,040

However, I want it to be

Many thanks

Hi @Charles_Alabi

There’s no automatic way of doing this within QuickFile - you would need to enter the figure manually.

So for example, you would need to enter it as:

Hi Mathew,

Is there a way of entering the Net Total manually? Otherwise I am getting the same result I don’t want. I want Net Total as per calendar value.

Thank you

Net total is just Unit Cost x Qty, which in that example is the correct amount?

To bill it in that way the unit quantity is 1 as you are billing an average amount per month rather than the actual hours worked for 28 / 30 / 31 days.

You have to work out the amount per month offline, QF won’t do this. If you need to show the working you can do so as a comment.


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