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Invoicing in Lithuanian language

Hi, would it be possible to include a Lithuanian language option for the invoicing? We would be happy to provide the translations.

Many thanks

Hi @kazlauskis

Let me discuss this with our team and see what can be sorted here.

Thanks @QFMathew. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help this move forward.

Hi @kazlauskis

Here’s a file for the translations. If would be happy to supply the transactions, I’ll pass this over to our development team to get updated.

440ddb1aeafe6a5a.csv (629 Bytes)

Hi @QFMathew, here is the Lithuanian translations.

440ddb1aeafe6a5a.csv (952 Bytes)


Thanks @kazlauskis

I’ve passed this over to our development team and we’ll get it added for you :slight_smile:

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Hi @kazlauskis

Sorry for the delay, the Lithuanian tranlsation has now been added. Would you please kindly check and let us know if it looks OK?


Hi @Glenn, thanks for adding the language. There are few small issues I can identify:

  • Days is not translated
  • All of the terms have lost the UTF8 characters.

Also, I have noticed that none of the input fields retain UTF8 chars when saved either (eg. address, notes etc). I can raise this in a separate topic if you wished. To replicate this, paste this in to any of the inputs: ąčęėįšųū


That’s odd… we’ll take a look and update you shortly.

We’ve updated a few labels that did not correctly translate the accented characters.

Regarding “Days” label, this is not pulled from the same language table and is a global setting you will find in Sales >> Invoice Customisation. The only issue here is this is a global label applied to all languages.

I see the special chars is now fixed, thanks. It might be a good idea to have the time denomination as a limited drop down with choices one could translate.

When translating the Hourly Rate I haven’t considered the time denomination could be Days. Would you be able to change the Valandinis įkainis to a more generic Įkainis? Which simply means Rate in Lithuanian.



I suspect a time denomination select menu would have been better than allowing users to enter free text, but these are early design decisions we live with :thinking:

We’ll analyse this further and if we can retrofit in a fixed list of values we can then easily handle the translations.

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