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Invoicing in Lithuanian language

Hi, would it be possible to include a Lithuanian language option for the invoicing? We would be happy to provide the translations.

Many thanks

Hi @kazlauskis

Let me discuss this with our team and see what can be sorted here.

Thanks @QFMathew. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help this move forward.

Hi @kazlauskis

Here’s a file for the translations. If would be happy to supply the transactions, I’ll pass this over to our development team to get updated.

440ddb1aeafe6a5a.csv (629 Bytes)

Hi @QFMathew, here is the Lithuanian translations.

440ddb1aeafe6a5a.csv (952 Bytes)


Thanks @kazlauskis

I’ve passed this over to our development team and we’ll get it added for you :slight_smile:

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