Invoicing in Per Thousands?


Is it possible to provide invoicing that would accommodate our product range, which is invoiced in Per Thousands?
I find myself having to adjust pricing to smaller quantities and changing pricing accordingly, but it looks clunky and confuses clients to whom we have quoted in thousands
Ta much

Do you mean in the quantity field to enter say 10 for 10,000? I think you’d need to use a quantity of 1 and provide specific details in the description field e.g.

10 thousand widgets @ 0.005p per unit.

If you can also hide the qty column on the invoice if needed.

Yup, that’s pretty much right: we sell at (for instance) £45 per thousand. If the price per unit went further than two decimals, we’d be fine (e.g. 0.045p for “eaches”), but it defaults to rounding, and I can understand the reasoning for that.

So, yes, we do use the description field instead, and can live with it, but it would be neater if the quantity and price per unit related to our pricing model of course.

I assume your reply means we carry on as we are?

Thanks Glenn (incidentally, brilliant online software, thank you - I am recommending it right left and centre!)

I’m afraid so… The crux of the problem here is supporting unit values beyond 2 decimal places (e.g. 0.045p). This is so hard-wired into our system it’s very difficult to change. We’ll certainly keep an open mind though.

I really appreciate the recommendations, thank you!

Err…how do I do this? Can’t see it in Invoice Customisation - elsewhere in the system?

Sorry I should have mentioned, this is CSS change that would need to be made to the template. I can update this for you if you prefer?

Glenn: thanks, but thinking about it, the beauty of the unit price-times-volume is that the rest of the invoice auto-calculates. I think I can live with the issue of having to adapt the quantities to fit, albeit I would obviously rather have multiple decimal point pricing options.

Thanks anyway.

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