Invoicing Leasing Companies

When it comes to Invoice customisation the options are quite limited in how and what we can add.

For example we raise alot of invoices to leasing companies, part of the requirements for these would be to address the invoice to the leasing company, then to seperately put the delivery address as the clients.

We are also required to give serial numbers so being able to add that column would be handy.

Lastly adding our terms and conditions on the supplementary pages can we not add a preformated pdf, it is in columns and uses a smaller typeface to fit on one page, we cant modify anything on the site so we end up sending 5 pages to customers…

Hi @blueberry

QuickFile is more of a generic accounting platform rather than tailored to a specific industry, but I think what you’ve mentioned is achievable with some of the features we offer.

For example, we offer comment lines which would allow you to input the address. Likewise, I think putting the serial number on an item line or in a comment line could also work.

Of course, this is an open forum, so other users may have some suggestions which may help :slight_smile:

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