Invoicing mileage to customer: what code?

I have created a new supplier called ‘Expenses - Approved Mileage’ and generated a new purchase invoice form where I can add all the mileage. I understand I then pay this in one go from Proprietors drawing account.

My question is: Some customers pay mileage, when I add a mileage charge to their invoice, does that still go general sales ?

many thanks for your help

Its all part of sales figure regardless how you split it as labor, products, mileage, postage etc on the invoice to customer

Many thanks for your help.

If you did want to separate this from your actual sales figures (just so you know how much of your income is actual sales), you could create a separate nominal code for this in your Chart of Accounts report.

As @FaradayKeynes mentions however, it would come in the sales range of 4000-4999.

Thank you, yes that would be helpful…

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