iOS App for invoicing?

Any plans for an iOS invoicing app? I’d love to be able to get all my invoices done on the train home or when I’m on-site

You can, the web-based version of Quick File runs pretty well on iPad. Building a native app for iOS, Android, Windows etc it a massive undertaking, hugely expensive and doesn’t really deliver a great deal of value for the investment. We’re more inclined to develop a responsive design using HTML5, that way we can deliver to all mobile devices at once.


I am not technically minded at all and this may just be a load of rubbish.

I use a system called Online Scout Manager and they provide a site that I save as a favourite on my phone / tablet which can be accessed with or without internet connectivity. I can make all the changes i need to the system and then when I get home i just click the button to make it connect again and it syncs all the changes.

Hi Gary,

There are some apps out there that allow you to work in offline mode then sync later. It’s a difficult problem to solve in accounting due to the complexity of the data.

Maintaining concurrency is the biggest challenge, if you say have a team issuing invoices without an internet connection how will the system know how to keep track of the number sequence? After an invoice has been issued to a client you can’t realistically re-order the invoice numbers when the client app re-syncs to the server. In general handling merges and conflicts is very difficult to achieve in a way that users will understand.