iOS app - Viewing uploaded receipts

I’m using the new IOS beta app and any receipts uploaded cannot been seen in QF software either through receipt hub or clicking to view on a purchase sheet.
Clicking ‘TAG’ or the ‘mag glass’ just instigates a download to my browser and then I have to open through my downloads file to see it. Being uploaded as a PDF & not Jpeg is the issue I think.
I prefer the ‘tag later’ option, but despite detailing the amount, you can’t name the receipt. This means you get a long generic PDF file number in receipt hub with no indication what it is and can’t see it without the download process explained above. (tagging on the app is fine)
So, is not being able to view a PDF upload in the receipt hub a QF/app issue or my browser?
Also it would be good to see a ‘name/amount’ file name when uploaded to the hub or be able to view it in the receipt hub window.

Do PDFs you send in by “email my receipts” or direct upload behave the same or is it specific to ones created via the app? All the web-based receipt hub does is <iframe> the file so it’s up to your browser how to handle each file - if emailed PDFs render inline but app ones don’t that suggests to me that the app isn’t saving the right MIME type in the file metadata (so the browser sees it as application/octet-stream instead of application/pdf).

Thanks for getting back. Never used email receipts, so just set it up and had a go & yep it worked. Was able to view it and tag it quickly in the hub. Great will use that more.
My other usual way to upload is to ‘print to pdf’ on pc & save, then drag & drop into hub.
These are not able to be viewed in the hub they download to browser, but at least I can label them and know what they are and the amount so can tag them anyway.
So by that test i did it seems the -

[quote=“ian_roberts, post:2, topic:31820”]
app ones don’t that suggests to me that the app isn’t saving the right MIME type in the file metadata
[/quote] is maybe the issue.

If PDFs that you upload to the hub with drag and drop do the same thing of downloading rather than displaying in the iframe, then it is your browser that is the issue rather than QuickFile. Which browser do you use? I know people generally report fewer problems with Chrome (or Chromium-derived browsers like Opera) and more problems with older browsers like IE. I’m not sure where Edge and Firefox fall on this spectrum.

I just tried another ‘email’ which was as an attachment not a stand alone invoice and nothing came through. Do I have to save the pdf attachment first?

If you have only just sent the email to then this isn’t always instant. There can be a slight delay on the file reaching your account

It would’ve come through quicker if I’d got the address right! :roll_eyes: Really impressed that I can send an email with attachment and it just loads up the attachment.

Anyway after a couple of tests the original issue is the laptop not the browser as PDF’s show in iframe on same browser on a PC.

Would still be good to be able to name a receipt as well as put its value before hitting tag later on the new app similar to Dropbox.

Glad you’ve got it sorted.

It may be worth adding your comment about naming the files to the app thread. Any feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:

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