Is Affinity subscription in addition to the client subscription?

Hi, I’m an accountant and have been trying out Quickfile. I have just been notified that I’ve gone over 1000 transactions and so have to pay £45. As it seems to be useful software I decided to open an affinity account and pay that instead for my practice account as I can add clients in due course. It has now occurred to me that the affinity fee may be in addition to the £45. I assumed that the Affinity fee was the only fee and I would then recharge the clients as I added them. Can someone advise me please which is correct. Thanks.

Hi @Logictrader

If you’re an Affinity account holder, any profiles attached to your QuickFile aren’t subject to the Power User Subscription. However, it does bring additional features and can be purchased optionally.

So providing you’re using more than one account (or managing more than one account), Affinity is better value.

You can find a useful comparison here;

Power User Subscription vs Affinity

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