Is Affinity the right choice for me?

I have 4 businesses that are unrelated to each other. Should I choose Affinity? Or register each under its own business email and have 4 separate QF accounts?
Each entity would be XL so would incur a cost I think.
What would an Affinity account cost with 4 XL businesses?

Hi @maryanne

Affinity costs are calculated on a daily basis and based on the size of each account.

The thing to consider is each account L or XL (in your case, all 4 of them) would require a Power User Subscription which is currently £45 + VAT per account. While the Power User Subscription does offer it’s own advantages (such as segmented profit and loss, advanced customisation etc.), Affinity would allow you to use the standard features of QuickFile but under one login.

So, according to the Affinity calculator, it stacks up like this:
4 x Power User Subscriptions = £45 x 4 = £180.00 per year (equivalent of £15 per month) + VAT
4 x XL Affinity Accounts = £0.3836 per day x 31 days = £11.89 + VAT

If you can live without the additional features, then Affinity would work out cheaper. However, the Power User Subscription can optionally be added to those profiles connected to an Affinity account if you required those features.

New Affinity accounts do come with £10 pre-loaded for you to give it a go for free, so you’re welcome to sign up and have a look.

I hope that helps :slight_smile:

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