Is it me or is Quickfile running slow?


I love Quickfile. Really, I do. I will bore anyone who asks me senseless about it. My clients love it as well. All in all, it’s the best cloud accounting package I have come across.

However in the past few weeks it has become soooooo slooooow it is virtually unusable. All other websites, downloads, etc are fine. It is just Quickfile.

Does anyone have any solutions / explanations?

We’re not seeing any slow down and we’re using and developing the software on a daily basis. Were there any specific areas you noticed any performance issues?

Everything seems to be running fine this end too

Occasionally QF can run slow for about 30 seconds, but generally this rarely happens more than once a day. We’ve identified a couple of cases that can deteriorate the performance on the database. Mostly this is due to account deletions on large accounts, this can involve 1000s of records being deleted and requires large tables to be re-indexed.

We’ve pushed a few of these account delete routines into the night to minimise impact during peak times.

Also during the first few days of the month we see much higher volumes of traffic than mid month so this can exacerbate the problem. Overall the performance for QF is however pretty good, we do monitor this continuously and we are aware whenever there’s a slow down.

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