Is it possible to change a bank account type after creation?

I created an extra “equity” account a while back to track purchases that I make from my personal funds on behalf of my wife’s sole trader catering business. We treat it like an informal loan which will be paid back once the business turns a profit, so on reflection it would make more sense for it to appear in Quickfile as a loan account rather than equity.

However, when I try to “modify” the account it won’t let me change the account’s type, only its name. Is it possible to change this, or would it make more sense to leave it as an equity account and just consolidate the balance into a separate loan account at year end?

I think we would need to change it on our side, I will send you a PM to confirm the Quick File account and bank details.

Hi I’ve a similar problem. First I need to amend the two, almost, new bank accounts from (the incorrect) “reserve” to (the correct)“currents”. Then I’ve to close the two old current accounts.
Can you help me? Thanks a lot