Is it possible to split one bank transaction over numerous purchases?

I’m trying to keep business bank account charges to the minimum.

I was just wondering if I created a “rent” purchase at the start of every calendar month for six months, would it be possible to tag all six purchases from one bank account transaction?

You could treat the bank transaction as a prepayment (payment to supplier, pay down multiple… and leave it unallocated), then each time you create a purchase you can log payment, apply from credit.

Thanks for your reply. I was planning to pay from the business account only after maybe six months worth of rent had been positioned. So, would it be possible for say a transaction on the business account in June, to be tagged to all the monthly payments from January to June?

Yes, you use the same “pay down multiple purchases” option when tagging, you’d get a list of unpaid purchases for that supplier and you can settle them all from one payment.

Brilliant. That’s really helpful. Thank you

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