Is QuickFile Micro Entity Balance Sheet Compliant

Before I join QuickFiles software platform - my company has currently filed dormant accounts for the past two years and has been trading for the last 8 months. I originally set up as a limited company but now it’s been trading it falls well below the small business threshold. If I was to use QF as a viable accountancy software option would it be able to produce a micro entity balance sheet for easy HMRC file upload. Any pointers would be helpful. My accountant wants £800 to prepare my books but I feel he hasn’t advised me that I would be better being captured under the micro business category sector. It’s a minefield out there I can’t even find a simple balance sheet template for free…can it be that I’m missing something here? Do I need to change my limited status to sole trader? The company was fined in 2012 and started trading last year in May. I’ve just filed format accounts up to March 2019.

If I’m honest with you. I don’t think your taking in to consideration what your accountant is charging you for.

In order to submit accounts to companies house and hmrc they need to be formatted in IXrbl which the accountant would do using an accounts production software package.
For hmrc they have to be attached to your tax return and have a computations sheet.
Do you know the wording that would need to be added to your accounts to comply with legislation?

He would also make adjustments to what you believed was correct which he would probably disagree with.

What he’s charging is actually pretty cheap.

You can’t just produce a report in quickfile and expect it to be submitted to companies House and hmrc. It doesn’t work like that. It won’t be compliant.

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