Is QuickFile suitable for bookkeepers?

Im a self employed bookkeeper (newly trained doing work for an accountant). With everything going digital i really need to get with the times as currently I analyse customers bank statements, reconcile with receipts and input into a spreadsheet, then the accountant does the rest.
My work is mainly for multiples of sole traders and a few companies. Ideally id like to move to a software package that allows me to have multiple businesses (my customers) and is simple to use.
Would QuickFile be right for me as i cannot charge each small client up to £20 odd a month for the use of a software package (which the likes of xero and quickbooks are) just to get them digital. Most i do work for are tradespeople / sole trader who fill out books etc who are just not technical at all!!. What would my options be as i just need to digitise their accounts? Would i need to link their bank accounts or can i just input their invoices/receipts & work from bank statements as i normally would?
Also my husband (tradesman) who runs a VAT registered business needs to go digital too so i need to get him sorted with software!! So is quick file my solution?? In a total dilemma of what to do - Help !!! Thanks

you indeed knocked the correct door , welcome in and have a go at demo data set all free to start with

Hi @JodieC

As @FaradayKeynes says - you’ve come to the right place :slight_smile:

We have a package that has been designed for accountants, bookkeepers and those with multiple accounts, called Affinity, which I believe would be suitable for your situation.

Affinity allows you to connect to individual QuickFile profiles (e.g. your clients) to provide the service you do for them. It also allows you to have just one email address and password and give you an overview of connected accounts.

Affinity works slightly different from the individual profiles, in that the fee is charged daily (paid monthly) and is based on the size of the individual profiles, which is graded from XS to XL. There’s a calculator here to help work this out. This can be paid by credit/debit card by top ups, or direct debit.

I’ve also included a few links below for you to have a look at, which outlines Affinity in more detail. But Affinity does come with £10 free credit, so you’re more than welcome to sign up and take a look around :slight_smile:

Any questions, please do let us know.

Great, thanks for your reply.
So to clarify, if i set up a profile for one of my clients, complete their years accounts in say a week for example, am i able email a report to the accountant to complete the work his end?
Then once my work is complete do i delete that profile?? Therefore only paying for the week I’ve used that profile? As that particular client may not be a regular client so i do not require the profile to continue.
Then i may have another client to do their years books so repeat the profile setting up and delete when finished. Hope this makes sense!

There’s no “email report” option, but you can certainly export reports like the chart of accounts, profit and loss, and balance sheet, which could in turn be emailed.

This would depend on the client. If they have the account with other data in, they could continue to use it (although accounts over a certain size would require a subscription if they’re not linked to an Affinity account). If the data is no longer required, then yes, you’re welcome to delete it completely if you prefer.

You’re right in regards to the price though - you would only pay for the time the profile is connected. If it’s connected for 7 days, then you would only pay for the 7 days.

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