Is supplier account reference not unique? Linking accounts problem

Hi, I have linked the account of a supplier that uses QUICKFILE and it seems there was an error. The supplier SUP0000001 MALUZZ CONSULTING LTD appeared as deleted supplier and it was allocated to it the account reference SUP0000001 although this reference was already allocated to an existing supplier. The invoices were imported into the deleted account. My account is 6131408257 - S&S QUALITY BUILDING CONTRACTORS LTD. I thought I did try to link the accounts with SUP0000077 which was initially named MALUZZ CONSULTING and I have created manually the invoice as the import did not appear on this account. I noticed this issue when I have tried to allocate the payment to the invoice and the system was showing both invoices, one from a deleted supplier. Now I have renamed SUP0000077 to TEST SUPPLIER in order to avoid name duplicates as well. Please have a look into it, I do not know what really happened but I think it is not normal to save two different suppliers with identical account reference (SUP0000001 - Maluzz Consulting Ltd and SUP000001 - CHRIS STEVENS LTD). Thank you!

It’s not enforced as unique, although generally when you try to manually create a supplier with a supplier reference that is already in use it will show you a warning before saving. You can modify any supplier references in the supplier modification screen.

I can’t really say why there are two suppliers with the same ID, we’d need to take a closer look at your account. I’ve referred it to a developer now so we should be able to take a look in the next few days.