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Is the Affinity charge in addition to the account charge?

I have my company accounts on QF and am being billed as a “Large” account.

I have created a second company and I wish to do the accounts on QF for that company too.

After doing some research it seems Affinity is the way to go if you run more than one company. However, it seems that running 2 companies with Affinity will be cheaper than the current deal I have for just the 1 company. Am I missing something?

Hi @Marc_Williams

Affinity for 1 account would work out the same price as having the Power User Subscription. But for 2 accounts (let’s say, both are L), then it would work out more cost effective.

The subscription you have for being a L account at the moment is separate to Affinity, but if you have Affinity, the subscription becomes optional. It does come with additional features however.

I’m sure you’ve found this already, but just in case, we have a calculator for Affinity, here: https://www.quickfile.co.uk/home/affinitypricing

Hi. Thanks for the reply. Can you clarify which has additional features: Affinity or Power User Subscription?

Hi @Marc_Williams

The Power User Subscription comes with the additional features.

There’s a comparison in our knowledge base, here: Power User Subscription vs Affinity

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