Is there a multi 'untag' solution?

Hi -

I have a vast number of transactions that have been coded to the wrong account. Is there a very quick way to ‘untag’ these items or will I have to do it manually one by one?

Thanks Amanda

Hi @Sherwoodtweetin, there’s simple way of dealing with this scenario.

In your Chart of Accounts find the nominal account you mistakenly coded your transactions to, in my example General Sales, and click on magnifying glass:

You will be taken to itemized Nominal Code View where you can select chosen transactions and Move to the new code.

Hope that makes sense, let me know how you got on with that.

Hi Thanks PeterK

I did think about that - but discounted this solution as my client seems to have ‘tagged’ absolutely everything (incomes / and ALL expenses) and they appear to have landed in the ‘suspense’ account.

Is it possible to ‘unpick’ everything posted to the ‘suspense’ in one go?



When uploaded bank statement It is normal for transactions to go into Suspense Account. This means transactions are unexplained, tagging the transactions will move the balances from suspense to the appropriate expense or sales ledgers.