Is there a special template for recurring invoices?

Two questions, maybe even related

  1. I’ve created recurring invoices with PO numbers. When I look at the template view, there’s a line for PO numbers (attached). But when Quickfile generates the invoice, that line is missing.

I feel like I’m missing something obvious!

  1. Also, one of our clients reuses the same purchase order number for different invoices. Quickfile rejects them if they’re not unique. Is it possible to turn this off?

Thanks for your help.


Hi @robcmorgan

There is a way of doing this using the Short Reference field. My colleague covers this here: Purchase Reference for Recurring Invoices

This is just a warning and shouldn’t prevent the saving of the invoice. If you try saving the invoice, do you see any error messages?

Ah, great, that works, thank you.
Just a point of feedback, then: I found it very confusing as a user that the purchase reference appears on the Preview page but then not on the actual invoice unless we prefix it with “PR:”. All sorted now, though.

Ah, OK. No error messages, that’s fine then.

Thanks for your help

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