Is there a way to import csv from paypal that is all in usd but Qucikfile will convert it to Gbp

I have a GBP bank account and everything is in GBP beside PayPal account which is fully in USD, and now trying to import CSV data of all transactions to quick file which are in USD. What are my options here?

I think you asked this a few times before.
Make sure your account is set as multi-currency account and that you have chosen USD.
Then, open a “bank account” and set the currency to USD and call it PayPal USD or so. After that you can upload your CSV file which you downloaded from your PayPal account. Make sure you download the right CSV file from PayPal, because there are more than one available and not all are working in quickfile with the pre-settings. In that case you have to use the “other” option to map the column on your own. You may have also to amend your CSV file with a app like excel or OpenOffice cal.
Hope this helps

Thanks, but when i download the sheet and import i get usd counted as GBP on the end

Could you check that you activated USD in Multi-Currency Setting, see below:

When you create an account in the bank section, you have to choose USD from the drop-down menu (USD is only visible if you have activated in the step above), see below:

If you then upload your USD statement every amount should be shown in USD in your account.

Yes that might be the problem, thanks

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