Is there a way to keep the left hand side menu expanded?

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I have no problem with the left hand menu (I still have loads of space for more menus actually as I run 1920 x 1080 on multiple monitors). I notice that it keeps hiding itself, can this menu be made persistent for those of us that want to keep it? I’m thinking more of a cookie than anything complex like global options/account settings.

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We will most likely re-purpose that column to be used for customisable “quick links”, I think then we’ll add the persistence. We could fast track that, it depends really on what sort of feedback we get in the next few days. I think on Tuesday as more people log in we’ll see a lot more feedback on this menu change.

I thought that would be the answer. I use the left menu probably as much as the top menu so a customisable links option would be great, could save a few more clicks and hovers.

How customisable are the links going to be, e.g. just like static links to existing menu options or could you make a menu option to say create invoice for customer x?

We imagined it would allow a list of preset links to existing pages, along with a section to provide completely customised links.

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if you’d like to persist the left hand menu, albeit on a permanent basis for now, the following css in the Global CSS template (In Advanced Customisation area) should do the trick.


I agree with Lurch.
I have huge free space and don’t need the quick links auto hide.
Now its little annoying if I have to open it every time.

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Hi @gicu

Do you have a Power User Subscription on your account? You could use the trick above that @Glenn mentioned with CSS to fix this for the time being

Yep, it’s working now but I’m a power user to this month (few days left) and I can’t extend it straight away because of lack of money for now but definitely will renew soon!.



This CSS does the trick - it would be good to have a customisable menu like you mention above.

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I’d support the customisable menu. I particularly would love the ability to create links to external applications with the ability to add custom tokens to the external URL, e.g. invoice number of the currently viewed invoice, or client ID of the currently viewed client.



I notice the main menu sidebar has an option to hide/show but as I use the menu a lot I am constantly using extra clicks to show it each time I look at a new page

How can I have the main sidebar menu left on all the time

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Hi @Howard

I’ve merged your post with this existing topic. Please see the posts above.

Let me know if you need any help


Is there anyway to for me to fix the sidebar in position as the new feature keeps making it disappear and i click on the sidebar menus constantly.


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Hi @charlotte

I’ve merged your post here to keep it all in one place.

Let me know if you need help with any of the above.

+1 to keeping the left hand navigation bar, since it has been autohiding, its made my accounting slower. I will try the CSS trick later on, but I would like some permanent bar back as I use the links extensively. Its almost like Windows 8 when MS took away the start menu!

If you are going to implement a customizable navigation bar, can you keep what is there as default settings? Quickfile is an excellent product, but this isn’t something I would expect to happen when paying for it

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Hi @NeilYoung

Thank you for your comments. We do take all feedback on board.

We did announce this a few weeks ago to get some feedback before making it hidden:

The left hand menu is largely a duplication of the top menu and it didn’t make much sense to keep it. Was there any particular area of the application you struggle to access now the left hand menu is collapsed?

Hi Glen, its just that they are quick links to the screens I use. To use the menus, I need to move the mouse up, and then locate the right option in the menu. If the cursor leaves the menu, it closes and I have to start again. It might sound silly, but I just find it much quicker to use the left nav bar. I don’t think I use the sales and purchase menu apart from viewing outstanding items.

Currently with auto hide, it is again, the time taken to move the cursor to and locate the button expand the nav bar, only to have to do it each time I want to use it.

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If you fix the menu to be always visible (refer to CSS above), I think that will largely solve your problem. It will effectively revert to how it was before the change.

The reason we’re collapsing the menu is to make way for future mobile enhancements (as mentioned in the original thread). These changes are difficult to implement with that menu where it is, that and the issue of duplication.

Even with the menu collapsed, most areas should be just one click away or accessible using the keyboard shortcuts.

I didn’t see this announcement, but if I had I would have begged for the change to be (a) for mobiles only since it is possible to detect the device in use, and (b) optional not forced upon users.

I use tracking on websites I manage to see where users click, and 80% prefer sidebar menus. I’m one of them. I’ve never used the top menu in Quickfile. I like to see as many options as possible all the time instead of hunting through dropdowns. When I’m in invoicing I like the invoicing submenu to be open. It’s helpful.

This is first change I’ve felt felt negative about. There’s no point having a wider area to contain the information if there’s less information displayed. A sidebar menu is good information to have displayed permanently. Please restore it at least on desktop browsers.

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