Is there a way to prevent the Paypal feed from automatically tag fees

I am using the Paypal feed for our accounts. I am wondering if there is a way stopping Quickfile from automatically tagging fees. We run a charity and the SORP requires us to categorise fee expenses differently depending on what they are related to (e.g. fee on donations vs fee for tickets for a fund raiser). Maybe instead of only Autotagging an option to allow the user to choose to autotag or Confirm?

Thank you

Hello @qegsa

This isn’t possible at the moment I’m afraid. The feed automatically picks up the fees from the feed and creates the relevant invoice for them.

This leaves you with 2 options really:

  1. Disable the PayPal feed and import or manually enter your transactions or fees

  2. Amend the invoice that we automatically create to suit your own situation

We can certainly consider changing this set up however. Would you like me to change this to a feature request for other users to add their comments?

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