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Is there a way to save a sales invoice without sending it

Hi Sometimes I prefer to email the client the invoice myself instead of sending it via Quickfile. I save it as a pdf and attach it to my email. However when I then come to tag payment via bank feed it won’t let me tag it as the invoice is still set up as ‘Draft’. It looks like the only way I can save the invoice is to send it to the client. Is there another way to save this invoice without having to send it now to the client which will look strange especially as it’s a few months later.

One of the options under the send button is “flag as sent” which switches it to sent status but doesn’t notify the client in any way. They’ll see it if they happen to be logged into their control panel but they won’t get an email notification.

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Pressing the “Save Details” button will just save the invoice in an inactive state so you can create ahead of time or change things before you send / make the invoice active (send / email / account for it / expect payment by etc.)

Pressing the “Preview” button will just show how it will look so far / when done.

I think (like Ian R) that as opposed to the question title what you are describing is;
Create your invoice as you want it.
Press “Preview & Send” button (- yes I know not obvious / intuitive.)
On the next screen in the top section you will see options for;
“Send invoice by email”
“Send invoice by snail mail”
“Flag invoice as sent” (red marker flag) - select this one so it commits / makes the invoice active, repayment is expected etc. but the customer is not informed.
Quickfile will then throw up a bubble asking for confirmation that you want it to show on the customers account - answer “Yes”.
If doing it ahead of time remember to check the date fields before sending.

Thanks so much, that’s a big help.

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