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Is there an easier way to setup Gmail?


I think there should be an easier way to setup Gmail and the likes of these popular mail services.
I think the method is outdated, and fiddling about with it, doesn’t work.

I think this should be as easy as we sign in to the https://community.quickfile.co.uk/ with gmail

I am having problem setting this up

Unfortunately that’s not how it works. You’d need to speak to Gmail about that.

When using software to send mail using your own mail client you have no choice but to add the settings which authenticate the sending of email. It’s not a quickfile issue. It’s just how it is.

Email is inherently buggy and is generally a kludged together pile of broken outdated technologies and methods that were never meant to work like this and so publicly accessible, which is why the security/relaying options now are precariously added which is generally why it doesn’t work.

It’s not just email, look at HMRC integration and open banking,l both more unreliable than the old ways of doing things that were technically less secure. Browsers now block most useful functions and plugins to the point they constantly stop working to keep up with the latest practices. The technology moves forwards while the users take a step backwards.

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