Issue a sales invoice with three equal instalments

I’m working for someone and the total cost is £15,000. I need to invoice for £5,000 now, £5,000 at an unspecified date in the future and the balance of £5,000 will be invoiced whenever the job is finished. I’d like to confirm that the total cost is £15k when invoicing the first instalment. Is there any other way than by issuing the first invoice for £5k and adding a note of the total cost in the comments?

Hi @Toastmasterpaul

There isn’t a way of doing this per se. However, you can issue the invoice in full and accept part payments against it as and when. Or alternatively, you can issue the invoices as and when with the note added in the comments.

Thank you for that clear explanation. I will add a note.

The way I deal with this is I put the full amount in the text i.e. The contract value is for £15,000 and the amount due is £5,000 the in the amount column I put £15,000 and in the quantity column I put 0.333

I regularly invoice for deposits, with the balance invoice being sent sometimes over a year later. (Wedding Industry). I like my deposit invoices to show the full amount as quoted then the deposit due, so I have started using the subtotal feature.

create your full invoice with (As Quoted) in the descriptions, then use the subtotal feature.
On the next line apply a credit for the full total of the quoted amount with ‘-’ as the description (to show up as a blank line),
Then your next invoice line is the amount of the deposit or part payment due. Save/send that one.

Then for follow up invoices use ‘more options-create recurring invoice’, to create a recurring invoice using the same details for each subsequent installment due, but delete the blank credit line from them and save. When the first payment comes in, modify the next recurring invoice to change the deposit required description to ‘less payment made’ description on the invoice with a credit figure.

Clear as mud, but it works quite nicely and isn’t as fiddly as it sounds. I’m not sure if I can add screen shots to this to show what I mean.

Screenshot 2022-01-25 103959

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