Issue creating credit note and holding money on account


We have a client who cancelled one of their small subscription a few years back but our automated invoice was not updated and we incorrectly continued billing for this service. I have noticed the error and informed the client. They have asked us to raise a credit note and hold the funds on the account as its a relatively small amount. When I try to manually create the credit note, there is no option to hold the funds on the account. Is it possible to manually create a credit not and hold funds or would I have to back through all the invoices and manually raise a credit note on each invoice. I would prefer not to have to do it this was as the the amount is only £3.00 per month.



Hello Darren

As you say you could credit each invoice but you could also do the below (if the vat elements are the same on all the invoices)

  • Raise a manual credit for example £30 (10 x £3.00), when you save it it will refund it.
  • Create a Money in transaction on the same bank you processed the refund through for £30
  • Tag this new transaction as Money received from this client (Assign Later - Prepayment)

The 2 amounts will net off in the chosen bank account and you will have the £30 prepayment on their account to allocate against future invoices or refund at a later date.

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