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Issue on Purchase Create

Account ID: 6131555583
When we try to create a purchase, we are not able to select the supplier or do anything.


Cannot read property ‘split’ of null
at setPaymentCurrency (create.js?v=2021-02-16-20-05:381)
at setupPurchaseCreateUi (create.js?v=2021-02-16-20-05:651)

Hi @Sohaib_Ahsan

Do you see this on just the purchase creation page, or is it on any other pages?
Do you have any custom scripts set up on the account?

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Just on Purchase Creation Page. and No we have not custom script.

Thanks for confirming. I did query this with our development team and it seems to be related to there being no active GBP bank accounts on the account itself.

We have fixed this, but you may need to do a hard refresh for it to update.

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