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Issue with changes to what were working invoices that are now misaligned in the Payment terms section

I have been using quickfile for over 5 years now and I have just noticed that my recent invoices are incorrectly aligned on the payment terms. All new invoices created have the payments terms all on one line with now carriage returns. I have some recurring invocies that were created recently that do - but they were set up before the multiple trading styles template was added. I have changed to multiple trading styles and now it seems that all invoices created after that do not accept the returns that are included on the Invoice customisation page - as I can see there is no way of amending this as it is entered correctly on the customisation page, just doesnt appear correctly on the invoices created after the change to multiple trading styles

Hello @Ewen_Brooke

How are you creating the new lines - are they just a new line (by pressing enter), or are they a HTML tag (e.g. <br>)?

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