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Issue with importing transactions into bank account


Can anyone advise how to overcome the following error message I get when trying to import a correct CSV file into a bank account?

You are trying to insert transactions before your lock date 01/01/2001

All of the dates in my CSV are from May 2018 onwards?

Thanks in advance,



Hi @davidmonks

It may be an issue with the format of the dates in the CSV file.

Are you able to open the CSV file in notepad or similar and see what format the date is in please?


date format is dd/mm/yyyy


Thanks for confirming. Let me send you a private message and I’ll take a look for you.


Mathew, thanks for the response - superb support even on an weekend - impressive!

Let me know if you still need to look at the CSV and I’ll upload it for you.



Hi @davidmonks

No problem at all! :slight_smile:

I’ve sent you a private message (look for the green icon in the top right). If you could send me the CSV file there please, I’ll happily take a look and see if we can get this working for you.

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