Issue with inserting image in Invoice Footer

I have looked at the various threads regarding inserting an image in the Invoice Footer, including the closed thread: “Are you able to include an image in the footer area of a quote or invoice?”, and have used the following html in the Invoice styling as suggested:

However, when I review the change in an invoice, I only get an image icon, not the image itself.

Where have I gone wrong, please?


Hi Ian,

What is the full code you have for the image? Just make sure the location for the image is a full web address, e.g. not just images/image.jpg

If the above don’t work, can you post the code (remove sensitive info) and maybe we can help you further :smile:

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I am using:

2 things I notice:

  1. The speech marks should be " which is neither left or right, whereas both of yours are right (if that makes sense - they don’t ‘point’ in a direction)
  2. Not sure if the last ‘/’ would make a difference, but try removing it

Thanks. That’s fixed it but I am surprised, as I copied and pasted the address from another html script I use elsewhere.

You’re still a star though!

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The PDF’er is a bit limited on it’s HTML comparability. Sometimes you just go to go old school with come things!

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