Issues submitting VAT returns

I have been trying to use this system as advised by HMRC because i can no longer submit on line, there is little to no support with Quickfile and i cant believe the trust pilot reviews.
As they wont help i am forced to visit their London address to resolve this issues, warn HMRC this is a company not to partner with and in time raise concerns with the Financial Ombudsman.

Why would a company like Quickfile make everything so difficult ?

Hi @Bars

Thank you for your post, and I’m sorry to hear you feel this way.

We’re continuing to reply to your previous emails, as we have done since 7th January, with regards to your VAT returns.

As mentioned in our replies, you can’t submit a VAT return that covers a period where a VAT return already exists as you end up with 2 returns covering the same period. Rolling back the initial one will allow you to do this, however.

If you need assistance trying to do this, please let us know.

I just want to submit VAT returns , your system doesn’t allow me to select dates or show what is outstanding ?

I don’t feel there is a decent level of support and as i work i can only spend a certain time on this .

We’re here and we’re active during office hours to help where we can.

The dates and periods you would see in your account aren’t controlled by QuickFile, but rather by HMRC.

If you go to Reports >> HMRC, you will see all your HMRC connections. Hopefully you have one connection there which is set up for your VAT, and also showing as “Good”. If it isn’t showing as “Good”, it will show you the error message returned to us by HMRC.

If everything is good to go, I recommend reviewing our MTD troubleshooting guide as this resolves many of the common issues - Making Tax Digital: Troubleshooting

If you’ve reviewed everything and everything still looks good but you still can’t view your VAT periods, it may be worth giving HMRC a call. As I mentioned above, they send us the VAT periods, so they control these.

If you’re still stuck, by all means, let us know and we’ll try to assist further.

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On the phone to HMRC for 50 mins still no reply , their message says they cant help with VAT submissions as this is somthing Quickfiles needs to help with , problem is there isnt any help from Quickfiles as the two systems havent been properly intergrated.
I have raised complaint as you cannot seriously think this system is fit for purpose ?

Hi @Bars

Not sure if you’re seeing my previous replies, but we are trying to help.

The VAT period data is supplied by HMRC and isn’t something we have control over. Have you run through the troubleshooting guide I linked to above?

See attached , no liabilities …this is clearly wrong !!!

Screen Shot 2022-01-25 at 11.27.51.png

Hi @Bars

This shows data from HMRC. It could be that the wrong HMRC account is linked. The trouble shooting guide above should hopefully help identify any issues there.

Have you heard the phase tax doesnt need to be taxing ?

you have complicated a very simple system for submitting VAT

you are not helping and there seems no way to escalte this apart from visit your offices ?

Apologies for any confusion - MTD is a HMRC system, we just link with it. As previously mentioned, the data is pulled live from HMRC.

If you have run through the troubleshooting guide and still not having any luck, please let us know so we can advise further. But first, we need to ensure that your connection with HMRC is set up all OK initially. If this isn’t correct in some way, this would likely be the cause of the issues. Likewise with checking the details on the HMRC website (details in the troubleshooting guide) will ensure your account is set up correctly and good to go.

In regards to MTD, QuickFile will generate a VAT return and submit the figures to HMRC (from the VAT return boxes). Any data relating to the periods, liabilities or anything related to this, is generally controlled by HMRC.

Its almost as if you are an AI programme , are you reading what im writing ?

Yes i have a connection , no as sent via screen grabs your system isnt working !!!

HMRC wont help so im stuck between two systems not communicating and badly set up .

Its no wonder you will clearly force businesses into closure because of your faulty system.

You are simply an anti business tool

I can assure you, I’m not an AI and we are real people. We are here to help businesses, it’s just unfortunate that in some cases there are issues out of our control which we can’t resolve. But if everything is showing as “Good” and the connection seems all correct, then we should be able to get this working for you.

If the connection is all good, then you should be good to go. If you go to Reports >> VAT Returns and click on the blue Create button, it should show you a list of VAT periods which HMRC tells us are available to submit for. This would be similar to this:
You may have more than one open period, in which case you need to start with the oldest one first.

Clicking “Prepare” next to the period you want to submit for should generate the VAT return using the figures entered into QuickFile. The “from” and “to” dates will automatically be filled at the top of the page for you:

You should export the figures to ensure they are correct before submitting anything. You can do this by clicking “Export” on the top right - near the dates.

If everything is good to go and you’re happy to submit it, make sure the tick box at the bottom of the page is ticked, and then click Submit VAT return

If you encounter any errors during this process, please let us know. If you can upload any screenshots too (without any account or sensitive data in them), that would be really helpful.

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Just to interfere here: My 5* star rating on trust pilot is a real one.
I can only speak for myself - I am very happy with quickfile, the software and the support team at their support forum, and I think they are fit for purpose. And when reading the forum it looks like I am not the only happy one here.
Ok, there is a problem but as long as quickfile is trying to help there shouldn’t be any aggressive sentences/language.


you do seem to be interfering , as Mathew said , “there are issues out of our control which we can’t resolve”
When this happens i haven’t been given a clear path by either HMRC or QF to resolve.
I dont believe their 5 star rating as this can easily be manipulated by Trust Pillot.

Im trying to enter diffrent amounts and it enters the same amount in all boxes , i spent several hours trying to input only to hit send and find all data is now lost ?

Your founder has emailed me to offer me money to leave your site as you cant help me or offer a service that works despite me having no alternative due to HMRC new rules.

I have escalted complaint but you are blocking this instead of helping me.

On which form? Are you talking about entering an invoice/purchase or are you trying to manually edit the VAT return itself?

The latter is not permitted under MTD as there has to be an unbroken digital chain from the software where you first record your sales up to the point where you submit the VAT return. (There’s still adjustments boxes as there are certain exceptions to this rule, e.g. partial exemption calculations, but no MTD-compliant software will allow you to enter a VAT return consisting only of adjustment values)

I would like to input manually as i had previously under HMRC scheme , when i spoke to them they said that this was possible but not this system i was advised to use isnt letting me do that and there is very little support from QF team.

screen no frozen so need to restart whole process , seriously bad system we are forced to use

Ive tried everything but it doesnt respond and stays on same screen , i have already connected HMRC to this platform but it wont let me download after i have entered .

So would a lot of other businesses, but the fact remains that now MTD has been rolled out across the board this is no longer permitted.

QuickFile does include a “bridging module” which is intended for use by businesses that keep their primary records in other software that is able to calculate a VAT return but doesn’t have the capability to submit it direct to the MTD API. The way this works is that you export the final VAT return box values from your master software as an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file, then use the bridging module in QuickFile (or some other MTD-compatible software) to upload this CSV and then submit the return to HMRC. But again, under the rules you’re not allowed to create this CSV by hand, if you were ever inspected you would have to be able to show an unbroken chain of digital links from the software where you first recorded your sales through to the CSV you submitted to HMRC.

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