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Item headers on invoice (continued)

Per this closed conversation I’m trying to alter the column headings on my invoices.

I took a look at the instructions at CSS transformations and the list of tags at [not allowed more than two URLs as a new user, sigh], and so I added the following to my invoice’s CSS (cut and pasted here!):

.transform-taskHead_03 {
    content: "Rate (£/h)";
.transform-taskHead_04 {
    content: "Time (h)";
.transform-taskHead_05 {
    content: "Total (£)";

The Rate and Total columns have had their headers changed accordingly, but the Time Column still just says Hours. QF’s bug, or my error somewhere?

Hi @gal

I think there may be a bit of conflict here, which I’ve asked our development team to investigate.

If you go to Account Settings >> Invoice Customisation, and click on the Itemised Area, you can set the heading there for the default. But I do believe the CSS option should override this.

Hi @gal

We’ve made an update so this transform class should now work. Would you please check and let us know if that’s working as expected?


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