Item is blank on invoice

Hello is there any option I cannot find to include the item on invoice which was purchased? Thanks

Hi @Scott_Warnes

If I’ve understood correctly, you should be able to modify the invoice to add the details to it, unless it’s been locked (e.g. a VAT return or year end process).

Ok but it cannot automatically add item from the sale it would be manual? Thanks

Do you mean something like OCR - read a document and fill in the invoice from that?

The invoice is automatically generated from ebay sale on quickfile when its imported so If it is possible that the invoice has the item box filled in also - Not sure what OCR is

We don’t offer a link up with eBay in order to create the invoices - only from PayPal. And with PayPal, we should be filling in the description. Is it being created from the PayPal feed, or is it another app, like Zapier for example?

OCR, although not relevant in this case, in simple terms, is where a computer reads the text from an image

Oh yeah its the invoice created by paypal feed and it shows the address and not the item

Ok, that certainly sounds a bit odd! Let me send you a private message to get a few more details.

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