Item lines - finding totals for specific items sold


Is it possible to to break down different types of sales using “Item lines” to extract the values ?



Hi @DC123

I’m not sure I quite follow here I’m sorry? Are you looking for something like sub totals, or is it more of a report grouping sales by a particular type?

Hi Sorry I maybe didn’t explain myself very well.

We use the Item lines to differentiate our services, i.e Cleaning, disposals, Handyman etc
and would like to keep track of the value of sales of the different services, is there a way of getting a this value from specific “item lines” ?

Hope that makes sense ?

Thank you


You can use custom nominal codes. We use them extensively for both sales and purchases for this very reason.

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I did think about custom nominal codes but then wondered if it would be a little more clunky if you like, more time consuming maybe ?



I’m also looking for a way to show sales totals and quantities of items sold based on item Name.
We have hundreds of sales inventory items under each category ( Nominal code), custom or otherwise, and I don’t think its practical for us to create a nominal code for every inventory item?

We manufacture 1 to 300 types of loom assembly which are manufactured items,
we have inventory item names for the looms.

I.e. loom1, Loom2, …Loom300 and a category Manufactured goods (nominal code 4010)

We sell Kits 1 to 100 which are resale items, we have inventory item names for the kits.

I.e. kit1, kit2, …kit100 and a category Re-Sale (nominal code 4011)

We want to know how many of each Kit or Loom has been sold and the sales value?

I this possible?

The mirror of this also applies on our purchase Inventory, we need to know how much we are buying of a certain item, quantity and value, e.g. how many crimps or cable we have bought etc?

Ultimately we want to know the profit on each kit or loom based on its make up of parts from the purchasing inventory, but I don’t know if that is taking things to far for quickfile?


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That must take an age to do Chris, we only have around 10 different services which I imagine would be hard work ( changing nominal codes ) never mind 100 items.

We only have 8 spread across three custom nominals. We set up the custom nominals then defined item codes and assigned them to the custom nominals. As the custom items also assign unit prices it saves time in invoice preparation. Creating custom nominals and items is a simple process and should not be an onerous task for a dozen or so items. I agree that it doesn’t scale up. ChrisatIIOnline’s volumes.

Any thouhts on this from admin ?

As with all feature requests, we are more than happy to consider them. If there’s enough interest from the community, we can take a look into the workings of this further and see how feasible it is.

However, my first thoughts are whether this is an accounting system report, or more of a ePOS report (whether that’s a physical cash register or a website for example). The difficulty here would be that there isn’t a way of identifying individual items on an invoice in order to do a calculation. The items field can be used, but this is more for templating, so it’s not strictly an item.

But, we can look into the feasibility and the technicalities of it properly, if there’s enough interest.

Great thanks for that I personally think it would be a great time saver to have these set up in this way rather than having to go into the settings icon every time we need to differentiate items which could in theory be up to 10 times.

Thank you

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