iZettle Fees - Bank Feed Issue

I use iZettle to take card payments. I have just linked in my bank to feed transactions into my bank account in QuickFile.

iZettle remove their fees before sending you the funds so when this is imported into the account i am unable to link it to an invoice as the amounts are different.

How best do I go about working around this?


Hi sambates123,
did you create an account under “Merchant and Online Payment Service Accounts” for iZettle? If not you should do it. Inside this account you you can then create an Income entry (the payment from your client), an Outgoing payment to your bank account (which you link/tag to the payment from iZettle to your normal bank account) and another outgoing payment to the supplier “iZettle” which you have to create and tag this payment to a invoice to this supplier (iZettle)
You can find more info here:

I hope this helps

Just to add to @rhc’s post, you may also find this guide helpful: Handling payments from merchant accounts

Thanks all, that has helped.

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