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Japanese text

If it try to enter Kanji (新井) in an address for a customer, I merely get question marks: are you not using UTF-8?


UTF-8 is supported, however there is something that’s preventing this characters from being stored. The change may not be a simple one, so we’ll investigate this further during our next maintenance window.

I can’t make promises, but we’ll certainly consider this.

Thank you, we have a lot of address and so on, with accents, kanji and whatnot.

Looking at the HTML for /clients/modify , I don’t see a charset anywhere, nor accept-charset=“UTF-8” on the form element.

Has there been any update on this? I’m trying to import Japanese characters into descriptions of bank statements as CSV, however same problem of “?” coming up.

Hi @userme

I have asked the dev team about this as I am unaware of any changes - I will update this thread once I’ve heard back

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