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Job title in client contacts

Hi All, I was just wondering if it would be possible to add a “job title” box to the client company contact details to make it easier to see who to contact in certain situations, for example Accounts, admin, purchasing, dispatch etc


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Hi @ChippysWorkshop

I’ve moved this to the #feature request category for the time being. We can certainly consider adding this in the future.

For the moment, you may be able to add this to the “Last Name” box perhaps? However, if you reference this in your email templates anywhere, you may wish to remove them (so your emails aren’t sent to David Jones (Accounts) for example).

This is something that we could use for both sales and purchases.


It appears this has been asked for a few times since December 2018, and moved to feature, but I’ve not seen anything happy since. Could this please be considered as I have a number of contacts and it would really help to have this instead of needing to update and amend and existing field.

Many Thanks


You just need to add your vote to the existing feature topic.

Thank you, I would have if I knew how to do this, but as the previous one appears to be closed I could not see the option:

Apologies for that @pxrogers! We’ve reopened the thread and merged your thread into it so everything is kept together.

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That must be a bug. Usually feature requests are never closed except they are implemented

Sorry, didn’t see it. It wasn’t there as I started to write.

Hmm, not sure if that’s a new “feature” of Discourse. Probably one for @QFSupport to clarify the workings of here.

I do recall a bug when a topic was moved from, say, support (which is automatically closed) to another category, like feature, then the automatic closure wasn’t removed.

I’m almost certain it does this now. But it’s probably a case of some older threads being closed because of this. Of course, as @rhc mentioned, we leave them open unless it’s not feasible to implement, or we implement it.

If you notice any that are closed, we can certainly reopen them

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I think also this could have had 6 votes in 2018, but those appear to have disppeared. But if anyone would like to vote for the request, it would be appreciated.

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Actually I think that this was first raised before the voting system was started. The oldest vote in my list is 2019.

I have had to delete a vote from another request to add it to this one which I regard as quite important…

We’ll look at adding this within the next 1-2 weeks. Updated as “Planned” for now.

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I thought I had made a topic on this but I haven’t, but would you also be looking at other requests in this area, e.g. phone number field in the pop-up box when creating a new client from an invoice, and printing this number on invoices/delivery notes? I know it’s not exactly the same request but it’s all of the same theme?

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We can certainly consider other suggestions. There is a client level contact number that would maybe be better suited to appear on the invoice and possibly be included on the add contact box. The problem with contact level telephone numbers is determining which one to include when there are multiple contacts.

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That works for the purposes of what I want to achieve.

Basically the workflow is raising invoices in a shop so create new invoice, click “New” for client and name/address goes there, so the client level phone number being there too would be ideal as contacts aren’t necessarily used as the invoice is handed to the customer at the point of sale but the phone number is required for the delivery drivers on the delivery note so is often added by hand and/or manually added to the client details, sometimes…

I am pleased to say that you can now input an optional job title for any of your client contacts.

I’ll keep this topic open so we can extend this where needed. I’ve recommended that we show these job titles when listing out the contacts on the invoice / estimate send routine.

@FolkLondon suppliers don’t have the same contact list that we have in the client model. However we could add a job title field here too, if that works?

@Lurch we will also add the ability to input the telelphone number here when creating a new client on the invoice / estimate editor.


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So that is a contact level phone number? Don’t usually add contacts in this use case so that’s not really achieved anything. As you said initially account level phone number would be more useful rather than contact level. Need to also put this on the invoice and delivery note so this is probably easier to achieve with account level fields?

Yes it’s for client contacts, the phone numbers here are more for reference purposes.

I know we originally discussed client-level contact numbers. We will add this field too shortly and update the invoice editor to make it possible to output that on the invoice itself.

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