Journal Entry - Ordering

hi, my journals have changed in view, the credits and debits are all mixed up, ie. I like the debits first then the credits but now they are all muddled. how do I get them back to how they were? thank you.

When you say muddled up, can you be a bit more specific? A screenshot would help.

We haven’t made any changes here that I’m aware of for several months.

I do my wages journals each week and copy the previous journal just amending amounts but when I went to do that today, the credits and debits are randomly mixed, rather than all credits or all debits, it just makes it much more time consuming. Not sure how to do a screenshot.

For Screen short Press PrtScn on keyboard and open word, press Ctr V and save image

I can confirm no changes have been made. The order of the individual journals I believe is by order of entry. We could possibly sort by nominal code instead?


It seems “on save” the initial order of entry is not preserved. I’ve got someone looking at this so we should have a fix implemented in a few days.

Its only been since yesterday that this has happened. A few months ago the journal entries changed with the credits being first followed by the debits but this was still workable but at the moment they are all over the place and in no particular order. Thanks for your help.

@accountsdept I fix was rolled out today that has addressed the sporadic ordering of journal entries. Let me know if there are any further issues here.

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