Journal list only showing top 50 (implemented)

I am trying to get to the full list of journals - It is either only showing 2013 and 2014 journals I think or it is going on to another page, but the journals I’ve done in 2012 are not shown on the list, as I like to copy one instead of entering the whole thing again and simply enter different amounts - please help, is there a setting I need to change or something very simply that I’m missing.

Thank you

Go to ‘Reports >> Journals’ to see a full list of journals:

To make a copy of any journal entry, click the ‘Copy’ button next to journal:

Hi Joe - thank you for that reply - that is exactly where i am going to, but the full list of journals is not there, they go of to another page, but there is not second page button to click.

Cheers, Russell

As a work around, just in case anyone else is having this problem - find the journal by going to a nominal code you know is on the journal you want to copy that’s not on the list - change the date of the journal so that it appears at the top of your journal list. Save the journal and then copy it - make the changes to your new journal and then go back and change the date of the original journal back again.

It would be still good to understand why the journal list is not complete or to have the ability to scroll to prior pages.

I’ve referred this on to the developers as it looks like the journal page only shows the top 50.

Hi Glen - thank you.

@customworld I just thought I’d let you know we’ve just added the ability to page through journals.

Hi Glen, thank you for the heads up - just checked and perfect. If you could find a way to have a different referencing too, this would be even better, but at least we can go back and find older journals. Russell

I’ll have a think about using different references. I’m sure it would make locating older journals much simpler.